Keep Your Team Up To Date With Our Unit4 ERP Training Unit4 ERP

Bespoke, professionally filmed training videos, presentations and in-person training designed to meet your specific requirements, enhance your knowledge of Unit4 ERP and be available to download and keep on your intranet systems, providing remote guidance at any time.

Keep your team up to date with our Bespoke training Videos

Our comprehensive service offers high-quality videos customised to meet your unique Unit4 ERP needs and aligned with your company’s policies and procedures.

Not only can we maintain these resources, but we can also conveniently send them over to you to be saved onto your intranet and become an integral part of your employee onboarding process, ensuring new employees have access to immediate Unit4 ERP training.

We can supplement your online training with in-person training, ensuring your knowledge is well rounded and customised to suit your unique team needs.

Our videos even come equipped with interactive quizzes and score feedback to enhance the learning experience.

How Are our training videos Different?

Unit4 ERP training videos with Equinox Consulting are created bespoke to your business. Unlike other training, there is nothing cookie-cutter about our training programs!

We strive to give your employees the best opportunity to excel in their roles by providing the most effective training possible.

Our training is based on documentation and videos, as all people will learn differently. Your employees will learn through a mixture of written documents, videos, online conversations and in-person training.

The Benefits of our Unit4 ERP training

When it comes to Unit4 ERP, implementing it in your business is just the first step towards unlocking its full potential.

To truly optimise its benefits, it’s essential that your team is well-versed in the system. That’s precisely where our expert training services come into play.

Our training videos and presentations have a few great options which can improve your training:

  • Dual branding
  • Quizzes which require a % pass rate
  • Full feedback on answers
  • Specific requirements for your needs

We can even cater for some parts of super user training and system users. Equinox works with what you need, driving you to achieve the goals which you set out.

Allow us to guide your team and unlock the full potential of Unit4 ERP together.

The Benefits of our In-person training

We go beyond just providing Word documents and videos for training purposes. Our training also includes in-person sessions that incorporate a combination of different approaches to deliver a comprehensive learning experience.

We believe that a multi-faceted training approach leads to more effective learning outcomes. Our in-person sessions offer the opportunity for hands-on practice, engaging discussions, and direct interaction with our expert trainers.

Our focus is not just on imparting knowledge but also on empowering your team members with the skills they need to excel in their roles.

Training FAQs

Most frequently asked Unit4 ERP training questions and answers.

Yes, our training materials are customised and tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.


In addition to Word documents and videos, we also offer in-person training sessions, combining various approaches to ensure comprehensive learning.

While our primary focus is on training departmental users, we can also provide certain aspects of superuser training and system user training.

Ultimately, our approach is driven by the specific requirements of our customers.

Yes, because our training is customised to each client, we can develop it to your unique needs, including skill levels to ensure that it is most effective for your team.


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Woman sitting in front of her computer for an online training session of Unit 4 ERP - Equinox Consulting

Why Is Training Important For Unit4 ERP?

Unit4 ERP stands out for its flexibility and comprehensive features tailored to various industries. However, implementing such an advanced system necessitates an equally robust investment in user training. 

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