Unit4 ERP Project Management (PMO)

Our PRINCE2-qualified Unit4 ERP project managers are here to provide project management (PMO) resources for your Unit4 ERP projects.

From implementation to upgrades, testing, training, or rescuing troubled projects, our experienced project managers can take charge at any stage.

As a Unit4 Premier Partner, we specialise in managing all your Unit4 ERP-related project management needs.

Trust Equinox With Unit4 ERP Project Management

Equinox Consulting Ltd offers meticulous project management services for your Unit4 ERP projects. With a focus on quality control, scope control, on-time delivery, and cost management, we ensure effective IT transformation to meet your goals.

Following the PRINCE2 methodology, we carefully understand your requirements and plan, monitor, and deliver work. We proactively identify and manage risks while providing honest, measurable, and effective reporting.

Our expertise enables us to manage projects of all sizes, from corporations to non-profits and large public bodies. We can help you with your primary ERP project manager for Unit4 ERP or as resources within your project management structure or PMO.

Benefits of Unit4 ERP Project management

To truly benefit from implementing or upgrading Unit4 ERP, you need project management to ensure you stay on track, meet your goals and manage your people and cost resources.

ERP transformation is always challenging.

It involves various aspects, such as ensuring requirements are clear and the scope is understood.

It also requires having sufficient resources available without impacting day-to-day business as usual.

Additionally, getting the buy-in of all stakeholders, including the project team members, is crucial.

It is also essential to ensure that resource needs are effectively communicated.

Keeping the many parties aligned in delivery is a critical component of a successful ERP transformation.

Equinox supplies project managers with specific experience in implementing Unit4 ERP, ensuring you have a crucial advantage in avoiding the known pitfalls in Unit4 and generic ERP challenges across the board.

You will also have the backup of Equinox Consulting’s Unit4 ERP expertise as an accredited Unit4 ERP Premier Partner.

If you face these challenges in effectively managing your ERP project in Unit4, Equinox Consulting is here to provide support and project management resources. We have a proven track record of stepping in and rescuing projects where other project management consultants have failed.

Why Choose Equinox Consulting

At Equinox Consulting, we recognise the significance of effective Unit4 ERP project management for contemporary businesses. Our seasoned professionals boast a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

Not only does our diverse team have years of experience working with businesses of all sizes, but they also possess a unique perspective that enables us to approach your Unit4 ERP project with a fresh outlook.

As your Unit4 ERP project management partner, we collaborate closely with you to guarantee a seamless and successful implementation process.

By choosing Equinox Consulting, you can trust us to handle every element of your project management needs efficiently and professionally.

Our Project Management Features

When you partner with Equinox Consulting for your project management needs, you gain many benefits, including the features included below which aim to streamline your business operations and ensure your Unit4 ERP is running smoothly.


Clear and organised planning which improves collaboration within your team.


Defining clear milestones to ensure that deadlines are achieved, which eliminates any confusion within the entire project team.


Providing support for a clear communication plan. This ensures that all stakeholders and users are all aware of the progress within the project and the millstones that will affect them.

PM Software

Market leading PM software allowing members of your team to access and review tasks and plan progress.

Unit4 Project Management FAQs

Common questions and answers about Unit4 ERP Project Management:

Project management is crucial for Unit4 ERP implementation because it helps ensure the software is implemented efficiently, on time, and within budget.

Effective project management also helps align the project goals with the organisation’s overall objectives, maximises the value of the ERP system, and minimises risks and disruptions during the implementation process.

The duration of a Unit4 ERP project can vary depending on factors such as the organisation’s size, complexity of business processes, customisation needs, and readiness for change.

Generally, Unit4 ERP projects can range anywhere from several months to a year or more.

Hiring external consultants for Unit4 ERP project management can be beneficial, especially if the organisation needs more internal expertise or resources.

Consultants like Equinox Consulting bring specialised knowledge and experience, provide objective guidance, accelerate implementation, and offer valuable insights.

The project manager is responsible for planning, organising, and coordinating all aspects of the Unit4 ERP project.

They ensure that the project stays on track, manage resources, mitigate risks, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure the project objectives are met.

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