Unit 4 ERP
Managed Services

Our comprehensive Unit4 ERP managed services provide support, management, and consultancy across all departments.

Our All-in-One Comprehensive Managed Services Solution

Our managed services bring together all our offerings into a comprehensive solution that provides exceptional support and development services for your business’s Unit4 ERP System.

We understand the crucial role of a robust support system in ensuring smooth operations. That’s why we integrate ourselves as part of your team right from the start.

Unlike other Unit4 ERP consultancy businesses, we are committed to maintaining an ongoing partnership rather than disappearing once the initial service is complete.

Benefits Of Unit4 ERP Managed Services


Cost Savings


Reduced Risk

Latest Technologies


Managed services offer many benefits over traditional in-house IT departments because they’re easier to scale up or down, meaning you don’t have to pay for extra manpower when it’s not needed (such as during off-peak hours).

By partnering with a managed service provider, businesses can focus on their core objectives while relying on experienced professionals to handle their Unit4 ERP needs.

Our Managed Service Packages

Our managed service packages are customised to meet your business’s specific needs, ensuring your Unit4 ERP system is maintained, managed, and enhanced with minimal downtime and maximum uptime.

We offer three different packages. Silver, Platinum, and Diamond. Each package has a different level of support.

The Silver Package includes 10 support tickets a month.

The Platinum package includes 50 support tickets a month.

With our Diamond Package, you will receive an unlimited amount!

Contact us today to help you determine the best package for your business or view our customisable options.

included in our Managed services

We can tailor the managed services to your specific business needs. However the standard areas of cover are:


With our leading support software, our team are able to provide a self service portal, incident management, problem management and track the progress and review SLA.


This can cover anything from a quick fix required by a support ticket or the management of a system upgrade or reimplementation. We have software to support us in the delivery of all projects and can assist keeping track of all governance.


We will look to manage your system road map throughout the project. We will do all the work on business cases or problem statements and present it to your stakeholders for review. Working with your IT & finance departments so we can fit in with your strategic views of where your business is going.

Service Reviews

Regular service reviews allowing you to keep track of the relationship and see how we are progressing. Full service packs are delivered before each meeting to give you time to review and feedback.

Our Top Unit4 ERP Managed Services FAQs

Common questions and answers about our managed services:

What are the benefits of managed services?
Often, companies may find themselves with the Unit4 ERP software installed but need to know how to proceed. This is where our managed services can help you out.

We embed ourselves as part of your team. Unlike other consultancy businesses, we will not disappear into the horizon once your service is complete.

We can help organisations that have a system installed and need support due to internal business changes.

Equinox understands the unique needs of your business, which is why our managed service packages are tailored to suit your specific requirements.

With our comprehensive services, we ensure that your ERP infrastructure is meticulously maintained, expertly managed, and continuously upgraded to minimise any disruptions and maximise its uptime.

Managed services are beneficial for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

For smaller businesses, cost savings and reduced risk are the key benefits.

For larger businesses that have the budget to afford in-house staff, they may use Unit4 ERP managed services for convenience and skill. Managed services take away the stress of hiring new employees and training them, as well as ensure your business can stay on top of its game at no extra cost to you.

If you’re wondering whether an Equinox Managed Service Package is the right fit for your business needs, the answer is a resounding yes.

Our tailored managed service packages offer the technical support necessary to drive your business forward.

Get in touch with Equinox Consulting today to initiate a discussion about your specific needs and benefits from the advantages of a customised managed service package.

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