Why are Training Videos and Presentations So Important?

One of the most effective ways to provide effective and up-to-date training to all your employees is by using training videos and presentations. But you might be asking, what makes videos and presentations so important over traditional training?  

In today’s fast-paced business world, keeping your employees up to date with the latest information, skills, and knowledge is more important than ever. To keep up with this, you need to be able to deliver these training sessions quickly, effectively and efficiently. 

Equinox Consulting specialises in providing bespoke training videos and presentations tailored to your company’s policies and procedures.  

But what does that mean for your business? What exactly makes training videos and presentations so important for businesses, and how can Equinox Consulting help you to implement them? You’ll have to read on to find out… 

Education for Your Employees 

Training presentations and videos can help businesses educate their employees in an engaging and effective way using technology as the medium.  

Our bespoke training videos and presentation packages allow you to educate your employees at a much faster rate whilst using real-world examples. These help employees to understand how to apply the information in their daily work. This is particularly useful for new starters or those who have been away from the industry for some time to refresh their knowledge. 

Training videos are especially useful when it comes to developing new skills from scratch, such as learning how to operate machinery safely or using new software packages efficiently.  

The ability to rewatch videos is imperative to understanding new information in a way that in-person training cannot provide. 

Consistency and Standardisation 

Training videos and presentations provide a consistent and standardised way of delivering information to all your employees. This is especially important if you have a large workforce that’s spread across multiple locations!  

With bespoke training videos and presentations, everyone receives the same message, and there is less room for confusion or misunderstandings.  

Imagine that you want to train all your employees on how to use a new piece of software. Rather than having each person learn it from scratch or sending them to an external training course, training videos and presentations show exactly how things work within your company. Videos also allow each employee to rewatch it whenever they may need it in the future. 

Cost Effective Training Solutions with Faster Induction  

Video training is much more cost-effective than your average, in-person training. A drop in cost but not in quality! Who wouldn’t want that? 

Instead of hiring training instructors or other team members time, you can show them a training video which is just as effective. It can save money from hiring training instructors to any travel and lunch costs that might be attached to external training demonstrations.  

It not only saves you money, but it saves you time when training your staff. It also allows them to have a point of reference if they need to revisit training instructions independently.  

Having these videos already in place allows you to onboard your staff at a faster pace. You will already have these videos and presentations set up so that new employees can enjoy them straight away rather than needing to book external sessions. 

On-Demand Learning 

Another important benefit of training videos and presentations is that they can be accessed by employees at any time. This means that they can be used for on-demand learning, which is particularly useful for new hires or employees who may need to refresh their knowledge on a particular topic. 

This also means that employees can learn at their own pace, which can be especially helpful for those who may struggle with traditional classroom-style learning. 

Effective Communication of Complex Information 

Did you know that by adding video, your employees are able to remember specific details with increased message retention by 95%?  

Training videos and presentations are also an effective way to communicate complex or technical information in a way that is easy to understand. 

This can be especially important in industries where safety or compliance regulations are strict and where employees need to have a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations.  

By presenting this information in a clear and concise manner, businesses can ensure that their employees have the knowledge they need to stay safe and compliant. This is important when learning how to operate new software where a lot of new information will need to be retained in order to operate them.  

Fostering Company Culture 

Training videos and presentations are a great way to communicate company values, mission statements, and other important information to employees.  

This can help to create a sense of unity and purpose within the organisation and can foster a positive company culture. By presenting this information in a visually engaging and interactive format, businesses can ensure that their employees are engaged and invested in the company’s vision and goals. 

Keep Your Team Up to Date with Equinox Consulting’s Bespoke Training Videos  

Equinox Consulting gives your employees the best opportunity to excel in their roles by providing training videos that they can do at their own pace and enjoy again and again. 

Our bespoke training videos and presentations can include the following:  

  • Dual branding 
  • Quizzes that require a % pass rate 
  • Full feedback on answers 
  • Specific requirements for your needs 

We can generate quality videos tailored to your needs and specific to your company’s policies and procedures. These can be maintained by us and sent over to you to save into your intranet and become part of your employee onboarding process, with interactive quizzes and score feedback. 

We can also record virtual training provided to your staff, again for future reference and review. Whatever you need, we will be able to assist in the production of a training suite for you. 

Training videos and presentations are essential tools for businesses that want to ensure that their employees are well-trained, informed, and engaged.  

By providing a consistent and standardised way of delivering information, facilitating on-demand learning, communicating complex information effectively, and fostering company culture, training videos and presentations can help businesses to stay competitive and successful. 

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