What are our Software Services?

Here at Equinox Consulting Ltd, we are specialist business and IT consulting services providers with a real passion and understanding of Unit4 ERP (Agresso). Since 2015 we have supported the Private Sector, Government, Education, Housing and Not for Profit businesses. 

We provide a broad range of software services and solutions to help organisations facilitate change, achieve their vision, and optimise performance and productivity.  Every business’s dream, right? 

From solving existing software problems to avoiding new issues, our job is to ensure your experience is a good one. Scratch that, the best one!

What Software Services Do We Provide? 

We provide many different software services depending on your individual needs, no two requirements are ever the same. From consultancy to project management or system support to fully managed services. If you need help with Unit4 ERP (Agresso), we should be your first port of call.

Equinox has experience working across a variety of business sectors, which allows us to understand your individual problems and needs easily. Although every day is a school day (as it should be), there is not much we haven’t experienced when it comes to Unit4 ERP. In fact, we’re often called in to make good where others have failed. It’s a compliment and a responsibility we take on with great pride.

Implementation & Upgrade 

We are specialists in Unit4 ERP (Agresso), offering a wealth of experience within a wide range of modules within the software, from Financial to HR & Payroll.  

Whether it is the design of individual modules or an entire reimplementation of your system, we can assist with improving errors, issues, and support throughout the system. 

We have been involved with implementations and upgrades to businesses globally, including Europe and North America, so there are no geographical barriers to being able to work with your business, wherever you are located. 


All businesses operate differently. This means no service should be one-size-fits-all. Our development service is fully customised to your business to ensure that a tailor-made solution is formed to focus on developing your business efficiently. 

Whether you require a simple report or a bespoke purchasing ordering system, we can provide a variety of options to assist you. 

Our development process is as follows: 

  1. Requirements. Our team start by gathering the relevant information for your project. We then analyse the outcome and review the most feasible requirements. 
  1. Plan. After we have gathered your requirements, we will set out a plan to put these into action, ensuring the resources are available in the timescales required. 
  1. Design & Development. Next, it’s time to start creating the design that has been set out in the requirements. We look at “how will we build this” and set to developing the system in this manner. 
  1. Testing. Testing is a key element for all our projects, whether this means our system testing of the design or User Acceptance Testing (UAT) it will be fully tested before being put forward to go into a Live status. 
  1. Release. Once fully tested and any issues resolved, the development will be processed through Change Approval internally, noting whatever CAB requirements you have. 
  1. Track & Monitor. Finally, the software is monitored to ensure there are no undetected issues that need to be resolved before completing the project.  

Get in touch now if you would like to find out more about how we can assist your business with development. 

System Reviews 

Often as businesses, processes and systems are put into place at the beginning of the journey but are rarely revisited as objectives and goals change over time. Not with Equinox.

Having an external review allows you to understand better any issues that may have arisen. Often a third-party assessment can bring issues to light which your team may overlook. 

Equinox can provide in-depth insight and information on specific details on your system that need to be revisited, especially any issues directly impacting your ability to make the most out of it. It’s like having a smartphone that you only make calls on, it has so much more potential than that.

Our system reviews are fully documented with recommendations and advice on the best way to improve your issues. We can even provide you with a proposal on the development time that would be required for us to fix your issues. That’s right, you can leave it all up to us.

What Other Services Do We Provide? 


We provide bespoke, professionally filmed training videos and presentations that are available to download for your team to access at any time to ensure your staff are fully comfortable using the new software.  

Training videos and presentations are SO important to allow your employees to excel in their roles. 

By providing training which is constantly accessible to them, they can work through it at their own pace and refer back to it whenever necessary. 

Depending on your business requirements and staff experience, your training videos can be personalised to include quizzes which need a % pass rate and dual branding, amongst other things. 

Project Management 

Project management solutions are provided to meet your required specifications. We can run projects for you or communicate with your internal project management teams to provide technical expertise and support. 

For example, as part of our project management service, our PM and your internal PM will communicate to ensure that everything runs smoothly and effectively without hassle to the business. We seek to take the pain out of sometimes complex implementations and integrations.  

Our internal-external approach allows your staff to feel they are being supported by one of ‘the team’ and affords them the confidence to reach out to us if need be, long after the installation is complete.

System Support 

We provide quality support consultants to manage each customer support ticket efficiently and without disruption to your business. Along with an accessible knowledge bank should you desire this for users 24/7.   

Our system support is tailored to your business focused on fitting around the needs of your user base to ensure the best service possible.

Managed Services 

Our fully managed services take into consideration the support development and, planning & management of your system in its entirety. This is ideal for businesses that require support in all departments. 

We can tailor the managed services to your specific business needs. However, the standard areas of cover are: 

  • Support 
  • Development 
  • Management  
  • Service Reviews 

If you are unsure what services your business will require, just get in touch with us now, and we can advise you on the optimum next step for your business. 

Enable Your Digital Future with Equinox   

With over 7+ years of experience and a team of highly skilled consultants, we offer a range of services to help your business grow and thrive.    

From end-to-end IT solutions through to enterprise resource planning (ERP), we’re here to provide comprehensive support for your organisation.   

If you’re looking for the best, most flexible consultancy, give us a call. We offer fast service and competitive prices to help your business systems remain up-to-date and applicable.   

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