Equinox Consulting – Why Choose Us?

Equinox Consulting Ltd is a specialist provider of business and IT consulting services, but what makes us DIFFERENT? 

Let’s start with the basics: a consultant is a person who provides professional or expert advice in a particular field of science or business to either an organisation or an individual.  

Here at Equinox Consulting, we offer a wide range of services and solutions designed to support businesses through the process of change and transformation, specialising in Unit4 ERP (Agresso) but more on this later.  

Our goal is simple: to help you grow your business by providing you with the best tools for your needs, backed up by our expert consultants and support teams.   

So, why choose Equinox? 

What Services Do We Provide?  

We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organisations facilitate change, achieve their vision, and optimise performance and productivity.  

Equinox endeavours to solve any existing issues which you may be experiencing with your software as well as avoid new issues through processes such as thorough testing. 

Our services include, but are not limited to:  

  • Consulting Services: We provide full consultancy services including implementations and upgrades. We also provide training: We provide bespoke, professionally filmed training videos and presentations that are available to download for your team to access at any time to ensure your staff are fully comfortable using the new software. 
  • Project Management: Project management solutions are provided to meet your required specifications. We can run projects for you or communicate with your internal project management teams to provide technical expertise and support.
    • For example, in our project management service, our project manager and your internal project manager can communicate together to ensure your project runs smoothly and effectively. This is ideal to ensure that your project manager has the information which they will require going forwards after installation is complete. 
  • System Support: We provide quality support consultants to manage each customer support ticket efficiently and without disruption to your business. Along with an accessible knowledge bank should you desire this for users 24/7.   
  • Managed Services: Our fully managed services take into consideration the support development and planning & management of your system in its entirety. This is ideal for businesses that require support in all departments. 

Whether you understand exactly what you need, or if you need a helping hand to decide, Equinox exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small.  

Get in touch with any enquiries you may have. 

Who Do We Help?  

We are proud to have experience working across a wide variety of business sectors, including, the Private Sector, Government, Education, Housing and Not for Profit businesses. 

This ensures that Equinox has the knowledge to understand and excel at working with a multitude of businesses, could your business be one of them? Find out more by giving us a call.  

Equinox can help businesses at the beginning of their journey with ERP software systems, or provide assistance during your installation period via help or training, and we can help businesses who have a system installed but need support due to internal business changes such as staff changes.  

Geographical location is not a barrier to working with Equinox! From Europe to North America, we have been involved in implementations and upgrades globally, including the implementation of Unit4 ERP (Agresso) with more information on this below. 

What is Our Approach? 

Our approach is very simple – we listen carefully to each client to ensure that we understand their requirements and we clearly articulate how we will add value to each engagement, without resorting to technical jargon. 

All of our services are designed to encourage client collaboration. Our consultants work closely with clients (PMOs) to understand their needs and develop solutions tailored to meet those needs.  

We believe in being honest and transparent throughout our communication so that both parties know exactly what is expected from each other. By doing this, Equinox and your business will be on the same page and working towards the same goals with these expectations in mind. 

At Equinox, we understand what it takes to not only develop your software system but create an ongoing process to allow employees to use the system correctly, with appropriate training and the ability to remove any common pain points. 

Why Should I Consider Hiring A Consultant?  

We are a small company that can be flexible and agile to meet your needs. Our expert advice, hands-on approach and guidance will help you make the best decisions for your organisation.  

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider hiring a consultant:  

  1. A consultant brings expertise. Consultants don’t become experts in their fields overnight! It takes several projects or years of effort to obtain the level of knowledge that most consultants have. In that time, most consultants have seen or heard everything, from best practices to pitfalls. If they haven’t heard of an issue or need, they will probably have some good ideas on how to address it. 
  1. A consultant can supplement the staff. Sometimes, businesses discover they can save thousands of pounds a week by hiring consultants when they are needed rather than hiring full-time employees. 
  1. Consultants can be long-lasting professional partners. Hiring a consultant doesn’t have to be a short-term commitment. Depending on the type of project, you may find that you need continued help after completion. If you work with a consultant, especially as a mentor, you can build a trusting relationship with that expert. When you have issues or questions, you already know who to ask! If you have future projects in the same category, your consultant already knows your business concerns.  

We like to think of our consultants as part of your internal team externally. We get INVOLVED in your business. At Equinox, we endeavour to integrate with your team and other external members to learn about your company and work fully with your team to create bespoke development solutions. 

What Makes Equinox Different?  

Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.   

Without a good support system, businesses would struggle to function properly. That’s why we embed ourselves as part of the team from the start. Unlike other consultancy businesses, once your service is complete, we will not disappear into the horizon. If you need any assistance in the future with your business software system, just get in touch!  

The support system is a vital part of any business. It helps to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Customer support calls often go into black holes, tickets are not responded to, and there is no escalation point. We make sure there are systems in place to ensure this does not occur.  

Equinox is an expert in Unit4 ERP (Agresso) which allows our business to provide specialist consultancy in a way other businesses cannot.  

What is ERP consulting? 

Is your business looking to implement Unit4 ERP (Agresso)? An ERP consultant, such as Equinox Consulting Ltd, combines all the services and actions needed to support companies in the implementation of the software. 

We have a wealth of experience, with experts in a multitude of implementation projects, which allows Equinox to specialise in a wide range of software modules.  

This ensures we can provide the best information possible to ensure your solutions are designed specifically to meet your unique business needs. 

Enable Your Digital Future with Equinox  

With over 7+ years of experience and a team of highly skilled consultants, we offer a range of services to help your business grow and thrive.   

From end-to-end IT solutions through to enterprise resource planning (ERP), we’re here to provide comprehensive support for your organisation.  

If you’re looking for the best, most flexible consultancy, give us a call. We offer fast service and competitive prices to help your business systems remain up-to-date and applicable.  

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