Equinox Consulting: Your Unit4 ERP Partner

At Equinox Consulting, we specialise in harnessing the power of Unit4 ERP (Agresso and Business World).

Our breadth of Unit4 resources in project management, implementation, support, development, and testing, paired with our in-depth understanding, positions us as a go-to resource for enterprises.

Unit4 ERP Services and Expertise

Unit4 ERP Consultancy

Our comprehensive consultancy services encompass implementations, upgrades, training and needs tailored for Unit4 ERP (Agresso, or Business World) software.

Unit4 ERP
Project Management

Our project management services and resources are tailored to your needs, providing you with technical expertise to complement your project teams.

Unit4 ERP System Support

Our support agents deliver swift, professional assistance to ensure your business operations proceed without interruptions.

Unit4 ERP Managed Services

Our managed services give our Unit4 ERP clients peace of mind they have a support partner available every day to solve issues and implement fixes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the first name that comes to mind when you need help with Unit4 ERP (Agresso, or Business World) support and consultancy.

We aim to foster long-term relationships through our ‘managed services’ – a comprehensive monthly support package that ensures smooth operation and quick resolution of any arising issues.

Our dedicated project management resources stand ready to support your implementation, testing, and fixes, adding value to your Unit4 ERP experience.

Unit4 ERP Experts Across Multiple Sectors

With extensive experience of Unit4 ERP (Agresso and Unit4 Business World) we have served a broad range of business sectors, including:

Regardless of your size or sector, Equinox has the expertise to facilitate successful implementations and upgrades tailored to your unique business needs.

Why choose equinox consulting?

As your Unit4 partner, Equinox Consulting stands apart by focussing on becoming an integral and celebrated part of YOUR team.

We act on your behalf, focus on your goals, outcomes and definition of success in Unit4 ERP (Agresso, and Business World). 

We will be there with you throughout your journey, staying with you for all ongoing challenges in the future.

We ensure that your customer support requests don’t fall into a black hole but receive timely responses and have an established escalation process.

Our proficiency in Unit4 ERP enables us to deliver unparalleled consultancy, making your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Our Approach to Your Unit4 ERP Goals

Our client-centric approach starts by carefully understanding your specific requirements.

We engage in transparent and honest communication, fostering collaboration and tailoring solutions to meet your needs.

At Equinox, we not only help develop your Unit4 ERP software solution but also create an ongoing process that includes proper training and identification of common pain points to ensure effective usage of the system.

Our Values: H.E.A.R.T

We wear our HEARTs on our sleeves at Equinox. We believe in our values and we live by them. Honesty, Energy, Accountability, Respect, and Transparency.

Since 2015, Equinox has evolved into a respected Unit4 ERP consulting company and premier partner, bringing comprehensive services and extensive knowledge to your issues, fixes, or projects.

Our core values guide our interactions with our clients and form the foundation of our relationship with you as we assist you with your Unit4 ERP (Agresso, and Business World) needs.


We’re honest and committed to doing what’s best for clients and our company. We believe that being honest with clients is the only way to build a relationship of trust.


Energy is at the centre of everything we do here at Equinox. We're strong believers that the right energy brings the right results. Positive brings positive and negative attracts negative.


At Equinox, we believe accountability is the key to a positive work environment. We empower and encourage each other to take ownership of our actions, no matter what.


We value respect for our employees and our clients. For 8+ years, Equinox have placed respect at the heart of relationships both within and outside the company.


Transparency is a very important core value to us and our customers. We are clear and open about our methods, processes, and progress on every individual project we undertake.​

Our Passion for Unit4 ERP

At Equinox Consulting Ltd, we have a strong passion for collaborating with businesses that share our values.

We believe in putting people first, embracing challenges with curiosity, making an impact and staying genuine.

We prioritise the well-being and success of our clients, employees, and partners. This shared commitment ensures that our collaboration goes beyond software implementation, focusing on the human aspect of businesses.

Our partnership with Unit4 enables us to align these shared values with our services, helping us deliver superior Unit4 ERP (Agresso, and Business World) solutions to businesses like yours.

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